Thursday, 19 July 2007

Holding your pen, the japanese way!

I stumbled upon this article a couple of weeks ago about how to hold your pen when writing in japanese! I would have never thought that there is more than one way to hold your pen, but it seems when writing japanese its easier to hold your pen at a 90-degree angle. I tried it and its so much easier to write my hiragana and katakana like this. These are the photos from the article (not mine). Notice how we usually hold the pen to write in English and the second is how you should hold your pen for japanese.

Western Way

Japanese Way

Another thing i noticed is that its easier to write with a thicker-tip pencil or a marker than a fine pencil or pen. It makes it easier to draw those ANNOYING squiggly curvy bits-you know like when writing "i"in hiragana "い".

Its 3:30 AM, i guess i should go to sleep before everyone wakes up..LOL..

Ja, oyasumi.