Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Japanese Lunch

Konbanwa! (Good Evening)
I went to sleep late yesterday so i gotup around 11:15 today.. half of the day gone, as my mum keeps reminding me.. I went out for lunch with my mum, her 2nd best friend, and my japanese sensei/friend to a japanese resturant. I'd already been there before with my sensei but it was the first time my mum and her firend had japanese food.. they loved the atmosphere and the food.. I tried to take some photos of the food but we were all so hungry we couldnt wait to gobble it down..
My mum's food..
My oishii kara-age! The potato salad was esp. yummy!

My sensei's soba noodles and some kind of beef..

some complementory yakitori.. i think thats what it is..

and last, Matcha aisu kurīmu.. yumm..

kyou wa tanoshikatta! Today was fun.. i enjoyed the food.. and we sat there chatting for ages.. it was cool.. although it seems weird going out with my mum and her friend too..

My mum's having a get-together on Sunday with her friends at our house, my sensei will be coming, and im going to invite my other japanese friend it should be fun.. we'll see..

Jya ne!

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