Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Why i study japanese..

People often ask me why is it that im learning Japanese and I never really have an answer to that. I’m not sure why I chose Japanese or how it started, I think my fascination with the Japanese language started a year into university when I watched a Japanese series (drama as they call them) with some of the girls and I couldn’t really concentrate on what was happening ‘cause I was trying to listen to every word they said. After that I somehow decided to start learning Japanese and one of my friends joined me.

To me, learning Japanese is fun because being bilingual, I never really had to learn a second language, by default, I already had two first languages. And since both the languages I speak are the 1st and 2nd languages taught in schools here, I missed out on learning a new language. So I have never had that challenge and the fact that im always up for a good challenge just made me want to attempt to learn a new language.

When I was around 14 or 15 years old, I tried to learn French but I wasn’t really into it. Maybe because French is very close to English and my other language. I think that just made it less appealing. So Japanese is perfect for me ‘cause it’s a challenge and is completely different than both English and my other langauge. Although its hard not really having anyone to practice with, I really love learning Japanese and I just hope I keep up with it and not get bored.

So far learning Japanese has been going quite good. All the resources I need I either have (books and stuff) or are online (videos, audio, music..etc). Plus there are a lot of people out there learning Japanese so its quite easy to find answers to my questions online ‘cause someone asked them before me. I also have 2 japanese “real life” friends. They’re both older than me and married with kids so not really friends but im quite close to both of them, and they help me with conversing in Japanese and stuff.
My hiragana & Katakana workbooks are kawaii ne?

One thing I need more of is discipline. Its getting harder to stick to a schedule where I study certain things for a certain period of time. Lately, I’ve been spending so much time on the internet watching Japanese dramas,listening to Japanese music, basically anything Japanese but most of the time its nothing to do with my studies. I know once the next semester begins I’ll be quite busy so I want to concentrate on studying a bit more for now.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Mata ne!