Wednesday, 24 September 2008

wa (は) and ga (が)


I think i finally understand the differnece between wa and ga and when to use them. I just never got the differnece and thought they were interchangeable, until i watched this vid and read this.
Now that i understand it, ive got to practice using it.. the hard part lol.. so i think im gonna write some sentences with wa and ga and discuss them with Yoriko-sensei when we have our next lesson.. Fefechan, i don't know if you OK with wa and ga but check the link out, its discusses all the uses of both in a simple way..

Ja mata!

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FeFe said...

nice entry..I found it very helpful..some of the things I knew about already from listening only not from grammatical point of view..but the examples provided made it more clear now..its not that easy but by listening and practice, it becomes easier..

Arigatou:)genki da ne