Saturday, 20 September 2008


My last update was last Saturday! i didnt think it was that long..

I wrote about marie-san in my last post, at the moment she is in japan with her kids staying at her family's house while her husband is studying in another prefecture. I hope when i go in Jan she will still be in tokyo so we can meet up a lot, but even if she goes to live with her husband by then, i will definitely go down there and see her. But if shes in Tokyo it would be much more fun coz we can go to so many different places..

I just remembered that i didnt write about my last japanese class so i will in another post later on today, if i get the chance. We are going out shopping in a couple of hours, we still havent finished shopping for eid.. and then we're going to my mum's oldest best-est friend ever's house to break our fast there.. I can't beleive we are 3 weeks into Ramadan! Almost a week to go, and a couple days! Its gone by so fast this year..

Yesterday my sis M and her kids and my adopted baby and her mum came over, we had a good time but they both left a little early. by 9 oclock they were gone, maybe even 8:30.. oh well at least we got to see them..

Whenever my sisters and i go in Monsoon we always love the kids' clothes they have, but unfortunately we dont have any kids around us so yesterday i saw this little cute dress that i fell in love with so i got it for my adopted baby with accessories and shoes, it felt so good to fnally buy one of those cute dresses lol anyways, i put them on her when she came and she looked adorable! Can't wait to see her in them!

I'm thinkin of getting the Macbook Air.. i dont want to move from windows to a mac coz i wont know how to use it at first, but macs are just so cool so i decided to get it and just learn how to use it..

While we were shopping yesterday all i could think about was Japan, looking at all the coats and winter clothes.. i can't wait to go really.. but i still havent figured out whats happening with work.. i gotta ask if i can take 2 weeks unpaid, i wonder what they'll say.. if they say no i will just have to quit, theres just no other way really.. ah well, we'll see what happens..

I watched a movie called "an american crime" yesterday which is supposed to be, not only "based on a true story" but almost everything in it is the truth, it was sad to think its true and someone could do such a thing, slow moving movie but i liked it. I also watched "the ruins" the other day which is a horror movie but wasnt really scary and i hated the ending, but atleast i watched something, havent been watching much recently..

I guess thats enough of me babbling away.. take care everyone!
bai bai

PS momonga ga hoshii!


Bash said...

I think you'll like the Mac and you'll get used to it in no time. Ducky got it and she loves it , I though of getting a MacBook too but then changed my mind because I wanted the PINK vaio =P

I don't think you could get unpaid leave. You can only get unpaid leave when you finish your annual leave.

Are you crazy ? Quiting ?

Allah yehdeech ..

Ima-chan said...

still thinkin about the mac..

i cant get unpaid leave?! if theres no other way for me to go take 2 weeks in jan (which will be before im entitled to my annual leave) then im gonna give them a months notice and quit. I like my job but Japan's more important, i'll find another job when i get back or maybe even i wont work.. madri bachoof but i will definitely go to japan in Jan, zettai! no matter what! call me crazy if u want but the jobs not that important to me..

Bash said...

My God O_o
Yeah , I'm sure it's not important to you that's why but for me it feels like when a friend tells you she'll leave Uni/college for a reason that is not good enough..

I don't know about the unpaid leave ,, I think they will give you 2 weeks (from your annual) if your boss signed the leave because I noticed that some took there leaves during their 6 months training. You should ask from now , check with your boss .

I know how much you love Japan bas wayed ista'3rabt inch bat-hedeen she'3lich 3ashan itsereen hnak 2 weeks ..

Ana a7es you don't like the job w 7a9alty reason to leave

Yalla inshalla kil shay yet'6aba6 ..

Bash said...

* their

killa wala it3al8een a3refch =P

take care

FeFe said...

I won't comment about the work thing..I just don't want to talk about work!!!

I just hope you go to Japan in Jan and meet up with marie sensei there..I'm sure it'll be fun going to places together;

Mac is great and even if dealing with is way different from what you're used to, you just need time to know how to use it ne..BUT I didn't like Mc air since everthing is external, the USB and CD rom)..but shreena says its good for poeople who are travelling..

Glad you had fun yesterday and inshallah you enjoy ur time at ur mum's friend's place tonight..

P.S ramadan passed so quickly..almost one week is left..Kanashii


Ima-chan said...

fefechan: the mac air has usb port, but yeah the CD is external, but it can play CD by wireless, if u know what i mean, but i plan to get a cd thingy nonetheless if i get it..

Bash: its not that i dont like work and im looking for a way to leave, i'd rather stay at work.. but if its going to stand in the way of me going to japan i might have to quit and look for a job when i get back.. madri..