Sunday, 21 September 2008

Being sick & katakana!

I think, i think, i've finally conquered katakana! I'm going to give it a few days and see if im as confident lol demo シ, ツ, ソ, ン, are still a bit hard to remember.. fefechan, if you ever want mnemonics for katakana go to the japanese wikibooks, there are loads of good ones, but most of them are mine lol each letter had like one mnemonic only so i added my own as i learnt them, and i must say i think mine make more sense lol ok ok i wont say more..

At 9 AM i was fine, by 10 AM i was as sick as a dog! I've got a cold, spent all day sneezing, blowing my nose, and having the hardest time swallowing since my throat felt like it was on fire, i guess coz i couldn't drink.. as soon as i broke my fast i started taking one medicine after the other, plus lots of hot liquids, and now my mum is gonna get me some more medicine.. I really want to get better by tomorrow or i might not go to work, i felt soo sick at work i really couldn't concentrate..

I was just telling fefechan, my bro just called me to ask if im still sick and if i want him to take me to the clinic lol thats a first, i dont know if its coz he just came back from traveling or what lol but its nice anyways..

I sent an email to one of the HR people today to ask about taking those 2 weeks off in January, i hope she answers tomorrow..

Mari-san, i hope you will continue to read my blog while you're in Japan, atleast we can keep in touch that way.. we miss you already!

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