Saturday, 20 September 2008

bomb sites and graduations!

My room looks like a bomb site! I don't know why the maid didn't clean it, i dont like to sit in a messy room and now i have to tidy it up before i can relax! WTH!

Our visit today was really fun, we had a great time. We even talked to my mum's friend's daughters, they're in England, but we turned the webcam on and talked to them, it was really nice..

Now i feel energized and ready for the week ahead, except i havent finished shopping! argh!

I forgot to mention that Yamashita Tomohisa finally graduated from university on the 19th! Omedetou yamashita-kun!

People have been telling me ive lost weight, which i have but only a few kilos and i dont think it shows, so whenever someone says it im like not really sure whether they're telling the truth or just tryin to be nice lol doesn't matter either way, unless i lose a considerable amount of weight im not gonna be happy.. oh well..

My brothers been away with about 12 of his friend, they went for el3mra. Lucky buggers, i wanna go!

bai bai
PS i'll write about my lesson tomorrow, its too late to be talkin about grammar :D

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Bash said...

lol ,, I liked the title

I can't tell if you lost weight because I see you doom .. Do all those people know you're on a diet ?

I think they're telling the truth

Good Night