Friday, 26 September 2008

New addition to the family


I didn't write about this earlier coz i didnt have pix to go with it but i do have some now. My sis A gave birth to a baby boy on the evening of Tuesday, 22nd of September! He has already been named Ali (which is the name of his father's father). We are all extremely happy and we love him to bits. Thank god he and his mum we'll be staying at our house for about 3 weeks before going back home. He came from the hospital yesterday and we've been taking turns holding him, and sometimes even fighting over whose turn it is. Its so amazing to have a little baby in our house coz the last time we had one was when my 13 year old sis was a baby. Being woken up this morning by his crying was the best! hehe ^^ its just so nice to see him and hold him and we can't beleive hes our sister's baby..

Our little Ali is a little jaundiced so we had to make him sunbathe today lol poor baby we made him lay in the sun half naked..

I hope we will live long enough to see him have his own babies, waaa what a thought.. I pray to god to protect him and keep him healthy and let him live a good life.

I couldn't take very good pix but i will in the coming days..

PS my Nana was supposed to arrive on the 2nd, and my sis have her baby on the 3rd of october, but she had it almost a week and a half early so Nana missed out. Shes still coming on the 2nd though, to see her first great grandson :)


Cami said...

Ooh! He is so cute! Congrats on being a new aunt :)

Bash said...

very exciting =3
Congratz w mashalla 3aleeh wayed cute .. il 7amdilla 3a salamat Omma