Tuesday, 9 September 2008



さいきん MIYAVI と Gackt に はまっています!その ふたり の うた が だいすき です よ!
あした にほんご の レッスン が ある ので きょう かんじ を べんきょう しました。 たのしみに まっています。しけん が ある ので がんばります よ!

じゃ また ね!(^_^)y

PS as soon as i saw "umai" i remembered the "umai/oichi" scene with pi and tegoshi in the neverending wonderful story DVD lol


Bash said...

lol ,, didn't get anything

Ima-chan said...

lol i couldnt be bothered to translate.. the title says "nothing" so basically the post is about nothing important..hh thanks for commenting anyways

FeFe said...

so you wrote in hiragana..good it was a practice for me..I know miyavi but i dont listen to his songs so i cant judge but i know i wouldn't like it lol

I like some of gackt's but like you..you're totally in love lol

good luck in your kanji test and Japanese class tomorrow..