Friday, 23 November 2007


YATTA! I did it!

At last, done with ICDL! I got 97 this time *i passed one question coz i couldn’t be bothered to answer it LOL*. So, you see, it wasn't our fault! my friend G got 97 too..So thats over now.. thank goodness.

What can I write about? I’ll just write some random things. Hope you guys don’t mind.

-Whenever you ask a Japanese for an example with a Japanese word or something, you’ll always notice they give you examples about exams, homework, school.. its funny LOL

-Friends are the best thing in the world, and the best thing about friendship is the exchanges you have, you give, you receive, its two-sided. don’t forget that!

-Dreams are a good thing to have. They drive you and motivate you to work harder and try to achieve them. Unfortunately, some dreams are never meant to be realized, nevertheless that should not stop you from trying.. trying is better than sitting and doing nothing while the time goes by..

-the iPhone is so cool. Lots of cool features.

-I just love how most Japanese speak English, its so cute. Like theres this song called cherish, they pronounce it chelish, and theres a part in a song where they say “put your hands up in ZEE air” LOL and many other examples.

Can’t think of anything to write.. New layout coming soon, when? Mada wakarimasen. Tabun nichiyoubi desu. *Don’t know yet, maybe Sunday* (LOL @ fefechan, just wanted to use your sentence)

Where did HE come from? LOL, no idea!
Bai Bai


FeFe said...

although its random, its meanigful..i like reading ur thoughts =)

omedeto for passing the ICDL exams..Yokatta ne:)

Continue the good work sweetie

ja mata

Ima-chan said...

Arigatou =) Glad you like my stupid post..
Ja ne

Reemy-chan said...

* Congratulation Ima-chan :D .. am really happy for you ^^.. No its YOUR fault :Pp jk
* I agree with you .. you have to give in order to receive and have strong relationship with your friend
* do you know that I still don’t have the dream that motivate me .. I don’t know why! .. lol I am not consider graduating a dream :P lol
* yaaa me too I like how they pronounce the words .. funny ..:D ..


Ima-chan said...

Thanks for the comment reemy-chan for the comment..
The new layout may take a little longer but hopefully it will come along soon. TC