Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Buta-suika and other useless things ^_^

Thought i'd update since i have a few spare minutes, and i feel like ranting.. LOL.. just kidding, don't run away..

Today i failed my first test EVER (?) -i think-! But it doesn't feel so bad..LOL.. maybe because i know i have another chance.. its an ICDL test in Access.. it was really easy and i thought i was going to get 100.. LOL so imagine my shock when i saw that i didn't pass.. No one i know passed either, everyone says somethings wrong with the computers, that they didn't save our work.. im not sure about that but i did get to one part where i couldn't save my work and i kept getting the same window over and over again until i skipped that question out of frustration.. but i wont blame it on technology, maybe it just us.. ^^

What else is happening? I went to my sensei's house today as she was having a coffee morning with all her friends.. and i met another Japanese lady, yoriko, and we got on well..

What else? oh yeah, i went to daiso the other day *the hyaku en store* and bought loads of things i will never need or use.. LOL.. all cute stuff.. heres a couple of things out of all the stuff i bought..

My buta-suika post-its, some kawaii stickers, a notebook to practice hiragana & katakana *it has little squares*..

Other news; i gave my older bro power of attorney today. So now he can do whatever he wants with all my assets *if i had any, that is* ^^

Thats all for now! Miss you all..

*for all you illiterate people...jk.. buta-suika means pig-watermelon (as if that makes sense)*
PS Fefe-chan, i haven't watched NewS no DVD yet since my laptop can't play it & i have to watch it on the PC or something. Will watch it over the weekend..arigatou!


Reemy-chan said...

Sorry to hear that Ima .. but I know you can do it ^^.. Ganbatte Ima-chan .. haha plz don’t blame on technology .. We have ,in the uni, the latest technology ever :Pp ..
Kawaii stickers ^^..

Ima-chan said...

Oh yeah, the latest technology.. did u not see the dust coming out of those 10 year old PCs in the ICDL lab.. LOL..
Ganbarimashou ne!

FeFe said...

sry for the late comment..i didnt have chance to read it yesterday!!

about the test: its good that you dont feel happened with me as well..during the word ICDL test..i thought i would get in 90's but i ended up in 70's LOL at least i passed..But i know how it feels " the shock feeling" sure ull pass the next test..just be more carefull about saving ur work while doing the test..i guess this is the reason y u didnt get the passing grade..i do trust ur abilities..

about NewS DVD: i hope u enjoy watching it is really interesting and fun to watch..whenever i feel down or boring i just play the DVD LOL

miss you my friend:) genki da ne!