Monday, 5 November 2007

Back from the sea!

I’ve been back for a couple of days but been too busy to update.

Our weekend on the island was fantastic! Our whole family went with our extended family, and my cousin S who is one of my closest cousins to me went too so we had a blast! No one wanted to come back..

The first evening when we got there we just walked around, chatted, played cards, and stuff. At night, the girls (we were 5) made a fire and roasted potatoes and made tea on the fire. It really was fun!

The next day we went fishing with fishing rope and bait not fishing lines. No one caught anything but it was great weather and we had a great time! My cuz S and I went with our cameras around the island taking photos and stuff. That night it rained so much! But it was after all the adults (im not counting myself as one LOL) went to sleep, so they didn’t see it but we played out in the rain and went crazy.

On the third day we went out fishing again and one of my cousins caught 2 fishes! But no one else did. It was really sunny and just beautiful weather all day long! On the way back we were all sad to leave. We’ve decided to go back as soon as we have another long weekend!

Oh, fefe-chan gave me a prezzie! Its all Japanese stuff.. just the right thing to put a smile on my face =) Arigatou fefe-chan!

I’m busy studying so this is for now. I’ll leave you with photos :) (click to enlarge)

Me fishing..
Part of the island


Washy said...

YAY .. lucky you, i'm coming next time .. Dad and Hubby said ;)

Ima-chan said...

It would've been so much funner with u.. u better come next time + ur hubby ofcourse, u can't leave him behind!

FeFe said...

am glad u had such great time in the gathering is always fun..tanoshii desu..

nice photos btw..are u trying to make me feel jealous!! LOL just kidding but I always liked the sea; it brings back memories..

I hope you will have another chance to go there along with washy..

Take care for now! LUV

Ima-chan said...

Thanks fefe-chan! U should come next time, it would definitely be tanoshii! ;P

Reemy-chan said...

Hi Ima-chan ^^..

We really missed you in the weekend ^^.. glad that you had fun .. awww I want to go too :( .. it seems fun :D .. take us with u next time :P ..
Nice pix siso … ^^.. can I save one of them ? :x

Ima-chan said...

Thanks reemy-chan. Ofcourse you can save them, i'll send you a bigger/better quality one if you like. Just let me know which you want!
I'll take you with me next time then =)

Bash said...

I'm sure you had a good time there ,, I missed you ..

Thanks for the really cool pinkish gifts , I wish you came ,,