Wednesday, 21 November 2007

nihongo wa muzukashisugiru! Japanese is too hard!

Studying japanese is so frustrating! And I blame my parents for it! LOL not really, but in a way I do.

Since being bilingual meant I’ve never had to learn a second language, studying Japanese is my first experience with a foreign language. I wish my parents had made me & my siblings learn a foreign language when we were kids, I feel that we missed out on an important thing especially in terms of learning and realizing ones limits. *I now realize my true limits, not so far unfortunately!*

At school, when I saw my classmates and friends struggling with English, I used to think “why? Its so easy?” LOL I didn’t realize how foreign it was to them. And the fact that they hardly used it outside of school never occurred to me. I didn’t realize that I had an edge over them, I took it for granted.

Now with Japanese, I’m having my first frustrating experiences with learning a new language. For once in my life, I feel helpless! I feel like a baby. Having to learn such easy and stupid things. And the easiest things seem so hard.

In other subjects like maths or science, even if I didn’t know something, I always knew the book was there and I could learn it easily if I wanted. But with Japanese, I feel helpless coz no matter how much I study I still don’t know if what I’m learning is right. Like, in maths you can answer a question and even if you don’t know whether its right or wrong, you can go back to the book and see.. coz theres only one right answer. You know what I mean? But in languages, you never know.. oh this is so frustrating! ARGHHHH!

One of the most difficult things I’m facing right now is putting the grammar and vocab I’m learning together into practice. I know the vocab and the grammar and if you give me a piece of paper and pen I could write a lot after thinking for a few mins, but having to think and translate instantaneously while having a conversation.. that’s just not happening for me. LOL I just go blank, but if I did it on paper I would know exactly how to respond. Sore wa muzukashisugiru! Its too hard!

Now I commend all of my friends out there who speak English so good when its not their native language. How come your so good at it? I know you’ve been studying it for over 12 years, but I believe that even if I study Japanese for that long I don’t think I’ll ever be half as good as you guys :/

Now I wonder, do you guys translate what you hear in English into your native language and then your able to answer? Or does it just happen instantaneously? Or WHAT THE HECK happens? I need to know if I’ll ever be able to speak Japanese half as good as you guys speak English!

I personally think integration is the key. But you guys haven’t been integrated into a English speaking community until university so how is it then that your so good at English?

I need some tips! I need to do my best! Ganbarimasu yo!

Bai Bai

How did this pic get in here?


FeFe said...

well..i dont know how exactly we become good at as i told you: listening, watching and reading things in English, sepcially things that are of interest..that really helps specially in wiritng, and being integrated in an English communitiy, such as university,our is important to improve your speaking ability and fluency.

you mentioned about translating what we here to our native language..well i used to and am still but not to far extent. I also, i used to translate from Arabic into English before writing but doing that literary is not'll end up having weird sentences.

so i guess we should learn japanese and come up with sentences without literary translating from Japanese to English or the opposite..

* Dont blame ur parents now can change things right?

* abou the idear really

* the PIC made my day..are you still wondering how did the pic get in there? well you took it out of my head forcibly LOL..but there are many so u cand get them all out!!

Ja ne=)

Ima-chan said...

LOL thanks sweetie for the comment. It helped clear some things..

hahaha, i'll take advantage and steal all the pix in ur head!

Mata ato de!

reemy-chan said...

Hi Ima-chan :D .. you’re a good student. You will be able to speak Japanese fluency.
Mmmm I still don’t think that am good in English… but am going to improve it >_> ..
Just as Fefe-chan said you have to read, listen and watch to things that you enjoy and you will be able to improve the language…. Do ur best Ima ^^..

Hahahahahahahahahaha I think the pic came from …………………. :P

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Ima-chan said...

Thanks reemy-chan! I hope i it gets easier, but i don't think it will.. LOL.. but ganbarimasu (i'll do my best)

Yeah, u know exactly where that pic came from ^^

Bai Bai